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8°C / 26°C
High pressure and dry air masses provide for stable weather conditions.
The sun is shining widespread. In the afternoon only a few harmless clouds appear.
12°C / 28°C
The high pressure continues to provide for friendly weather.
On Wednesday it remains sunny. In the afternoon some cumuli form clouds will develop and some thunderstorms can't be excluded, but it remains dry mostly.

Thursday 24.08

Friday 25.08

Saturday 26.08

13°C / 29°C
14°C / 30°C
15°C / 31°C

Summery weather

Also on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday it remains summery with plenty of sunshine. High fog fields in the morning will disappear quickly and in the afternoon the cumuli form clouds will become taller and so the probability of thunderstorms will rise. Maximum temperaturs of 30°.
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