Family Holidays in Naz-Sciaves/Natz-Schabs in the Isarco Valley

There is much for the kids to discover in South Tyrol!

With its extensive apple orchards, the Naz-Sciaves High Apple Plateau is ideal for a children’s holiday. There are many places in and around Naz-Sciaves such as the Alpine pastures in the area where children can hike, walk and ride, bringing children and adults closer to nature.

In Naz-Sciaves, holidays are not limited to a specific time of the year and families can therefore plan their holidays all year round. In summer there is walking, hiking or cycling, while in winter there is plentiful skiing in the nearby ski areas, as well as sledding, winter hikes in the beauty of nature or enjoyment in the snow in a multiplicity of ways.

In Naz-Sciaves, the kids can unleash their energies and imagination while getting about in a pristine environment. There is a new world out there to explore in the woods, mountain pastures and biotopes, among the plants and animals.

With its well-marked trails for walks and hiking through a stunning, untouched landscape, the area of Naz-Sciaves is particularly suitable for city children. The Apple Trail is a journey of discovery. Placards positioned along the trail tell of the cultivation of apples in Naz-Sciaves and more generally throughout South Tyrol.

Setting off on one of several cableways and funiculars in the Isarco Valley can be the start of an adventure.

Tips for your family vacation

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