Hiking in the Environs

"Movement begets agility – mobility can set things in motion!" (Paul Haschek)

The rich cultural landscape serves as the backdrop for hiking in the Isarco Valley, passing meadows in bloom and the magnificent Alpine peaks. Besides the undemanding mountain tracks great for ambling along trails in the stunning Dolomites (designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009), there are also more challenging hiking trails and mountain climbing routes. The networks of tracks and trails, a unique blend of natural scenery, cultural monuments and characteristic mountain shelters are all there waiting to be discovered by day-trippers and hikers in the months between spring and autumn.

  • From the Rodengo-Luson Alpine Pasture to the Astjoch Ridge
By car from Naz-Sciaves to Rio Pusteria/Mühlbach until the Zumis parking lot (at 1,715 m) in Rodengo. Continue on foot along trail no. 4 towards the Roner Alpine hut sign. Proceed through a stretch of forest then across the meadows, until you arrive at the Roner Alpine hut, about ½ hour later (at 1,832 m). The upper track leading eastwards is mostly flat crossing the magnificent Alpine pastures to the Starkenfeld hut, another mountain tavern (at 1,936 m), at about an hour’s walk from the Roner hut. Continue eastwards along the wide track to the west side of the Astjoch ridge then take the moderately steep path up to the summit (at 2,194 m) about an hour’s walk from the Starkenfeld Alpine hut. Descent the same way as the ascent.
Alternative route: Return on trail no. 11/12 to the Kreuzwies Alpine hut  at 1,925 m, then down a track marked as trail no. 2A through the Alpine pasture, intersecting with Trail no. 2, back to the starting point.
Total hiking time: approx. 5 h (alternative route: 5,5 h) – total altitude difference: 479 m – hiking distance: 16.7 km – difficulty level: easy (for seasoned hikers)

  • Großer Seefeldsee Lake
By car from Naz-Sciaves to Rio Pusteria/Mühlbach then to Maranza  (at 1,414 m). Go from Rio Pusteria – Maranza,  a 30 min walk up to the Altfasstal parking lot (at 1,560 m); alternatively by cableway or by car. Then follow the narrow Alpine track through the woods and meadows on a flat stretch to the Großeberghütter Alpine hut (at 1,640 m, mountain tavern) until the trail climbs up to the Wieser and Prantner-Stadel Alpine shelters. From this point onwards, the track becomes even steeper until it reaches the Großer Seefeldsee lake (at 2,271 m), a total of 2½ hours walk from the parking lot. The best return route is back down the narrow Alpine path.
Total hiking time: approx. 5 h – total altitude difference: 710 m – hiking distance: 15.4 km – difficulty level: easy (for seasoned hikers)

  • To the Brixner Alpine Hut or the Wilder See Lake
By car from Naz-Schiaves then to Rio Pusteria/Mühlbach into the Valser Valley and up to the parking lot near the Fane Alpine pasture (at 1,739 m). Please note that in summer the road from Valles/Vals is open to vehicles only in the mornings and again in the late afternoons (or alternatively take the shuttle bus). From here, continue on foot following the signs to the Brixner Alpine hut on trail no. 17 up through the gorge until you reach a fork in the road, then along trail no. 17 through the Alpine pastures up to the Brixner hut (at 2,300 m). The distance from Fane is 1 ¾ hrs. The 1¼ hour descent is back down the same route.
From the shelter the following may be reached: Wilde Kreuzspitze (3135 m) easy for experienced, sure-footed hikers (3 hours) – Wurmaulspitze (3022 m) signed route, not difficult for experienced hikers – with  side trip to Sandjöchl ridge with beautiful views.
Total hiking time: approx. 3 h – total altitude difference: 560 m – hiking distance: 8.4 km – difficulty level: easy (for seasoned hikers).

For the hike to Wilder See lake, turn left at the road fork at the gorge following trail no. 18 and continue slightly uphill to the Labiseben Alpine pasture (at 2,138 m); 1 hour from the Fane Alpine Pasture. Continue on trail no. 18 through the valley, moderately steep at first and then bear right on grassy slopes up to the Wilder See Lake (at 2,538 m); 2½ hours from Fane. Descent same as ascent.
Total hiking time: approx. 4,5 h – total altitude difference: 799 m – hiking distance: 12.7 km – difficulty level: moderate.

Fundres Valley in Vandoies/Vintl
  • From Pasture to Pasture
By car from Naz-Sciaves to Rio Pusteria Mühlbach and Vandoies then to the Fundres Valley up to the small locality of Dun (at 1,550 m). Proceed on foot for a stretch along trail no. 17 then take trail no. 13A to the right. After a stretch, turn left on to trail no. 13, followed by trail no. 18 up to the Egger-Böden Alpine shelter and dairy farm. After having passed the shelter, continue for a while before turning right across the slope to trail no. 13. Proceed to the junction on the Fundres High Alpine Trail. Take the turning right towards Kuhscharte and then follow the new forest road that leads to the Gampiel Alpine hut where there are magnificent views of the Fundres Valley, cutting across the Rodengo Alpine pasture to Peitlerkofel mountain. The return route is along the forest track passing the Egger farms. Return to Dun, at first along trail no. 13 before taking a left turn along the ancient Via Crucis of Dun (with its 14 stations) until you reach the parking lot.
Total hiking time: approx. 4,5 h – total altitude difference: 720 m – hiking distance: 11.7 km – difficulty level: easy (for seasoned hikers).

  • To the Zirmait Alpine Pasture
From Naz-Schiaves by car to Varna and then to Spelonca as far as the parking lot at the Gostnerhof farm (at 1,380 m), including refreshments. Continue on trail no. 2 through the forest, until you reach the Steinwies Alpine hut (at 1,537 m) and then up a steep wooded slope, remaining on trail no. 2, until reaching the Zirmait Alpine hut (at 1,891 m). The descent is down the same route as the ascent. Trail no. 2 also leads to Karspitz mountain (at 2,517 m) - 2 hours from the Zirmait hut.
Total hiking time: approx. 2,75 h – total altitude difference: 511 m – hiking distance: 6.7 km – difficulty level: easy (for seasoned hikers)

  • To the Radlsee/Rodella Lake
From Naz-Schiaves by car to Bressanone until you reach the Perlunger farmstead shortly after passing the locality of Tiles (at 1,380 m). Continue along trail no. 8 on foot, then uphill through the tall stone pine forest to the Rodella Alpine hut (at 2,255 m), open in summer – reachable in a 2,5 h hike. You can continue walking until you reach the top of the Königangerspitze mountain (after approx. 30 min). The 2-hour return is the same way as the outward hike.
Total hiking time: approx. 4-5 h – total altitude difference: 904 m – hiking distance: 10.4 km – difficulty level: easy (for seasoned hikers)

  • Three Summit Tour
Go by car from Naz-Schiaves via Bressanone to S. Andrea/St. Andrä, then by cableway to the Kreuztal valley (at 2,000 m). Starting from the square at the cableway station, take trail no. 7 north up along the fence enclosing the ski slope, past the east face along the neck of Mount Bello and through the meadows up to a wide enclave and again up to the Plose Alpine shelter (at 2,440 m). From the shelter continue to a vast saddle (Luson wind gap, 2,380 m), following trail no. 6/7 in a north-easterly direction along the ridge, passing by the ski lifts, continuing to the ridge leading up to Große Pfannspitze mountain (at 2,540 m). Staying on trail no. 7, bear right and continue along the ridge, with a rise to the right, ascending briefly via a semi-rocky ridge to an Alpine plateau on top of the Kleiner Gabler mountain (at 2,576 m). There is an impressive view of the nearby Dolomites, and on a clear day the view extends to the area between Adamello and Grossglockner. On your return, take the ridge southwards on a mountain road (trail no. 17A), in a westerly direction until reaching Kreuztal valley, before heading back to the starting point.
Total hiking time: approx 4,5 h – total altitude difference: 680 m – hiking distance: 11.5 km – difficulty level: medium

  • The Luson Alpine Pasture Hike
Go by car from Naz-Schiaves via Bressanone/Brixen to Luson/Flint, up to the Schwaigerböden parking lot (at 1,730 m). Proceed on foot along trail no. 2, through the forest until arriving the mountain pastures. Continue eastwards along the forest track, then bear left and take the trail leading to the Kreuzwiesen Alpine hut along trail no. 2A (at 1,909 m), connecting to the dairy farm and with an extraordinary panoramic view of the Sass de Putia, the Plose and the Sarntal Alps. The descent is back down the same way.
Total hiking time: approx. 1,75 h – total altitude difference: 179 m – hiking distance: 4.7 km – difficulty level: easy (for seasoned hikers)

  • From the Gasserhütte Hut to the Totensee Lake on the Villandro Alpine Pastur
Go by car from Naz-Schiaves via Chiusa/Klausen to Villandro and on up to the Gasserhütte hut (at 1,744 m, mountain inn). Following trail no. 6 (in the direction of Totenkirchl), which soon leads to the Mair-in- Plun hut (mountain inn). Proceed along trail no. 6 that, past the Pfroder Alm hut, and further uphill to the TotenKirchl church (2,186 m). At the T sign turn left, until arriving at the lake situated on a plateau (at 2,208 m) in just 10 minutes, after approx. 1,5 hours. To return, proceed to the T-junction, across the crest of the ridge (at 2,350 m) then bear left, descending down the grassy ridge to a news vendor, before continuing on trail no. 1. At the Gasteiger Sattel (at 2,057 m), bear left eastwards on trail no. 7 taking you back to the starting point.
Total hiking time: approx. 3,5 h – total altitude difference: 600 m – hiking distance: 12.8 km – difficulty level: easy (for seasoned hikers)

Isarco Valley 
  • The Isarco Valley Chestnut Trail - Keschtnweg
A single band of chestnut trees covers the slopes of the Isarco Valley, stretching from Varna/Vahrn near Bressanone/Brixen up to the Renon High Plateau as far as Runkelstein Castle, just north of Bolzano/Bozen. Given the variety of the vegetation, this route was not only planned for autumn hiking since it amazes in all seasons. The Chestnut Trail can also be traversed in sections, such as from Naz-Sciaves via Chiusa/Klausen to Velturno/Feldthurns and the Feldthurns Castle (856 m). From there following trail no.12 through the village center of Velturno, passing the Laurentius and the Antonius churches. From here, straight ahead to the Radoarhof farm (850 m) before bending right and ascending up a field towards a farm access road. The hike continues through a larch forest and across the grassy slopes to the Moar zu Viersch farm (at 863 m, a walk lasting 50 min) and to the Huber farm on Pardell (775 m). The trail passes alongside some farms, following trail no. 1 before entering a winding section, up to the Säben Abbey (at 740 m). The descent is along one of two trails (i.e. the Pilgerweg, "the way of the pilgrim" (with directions), or by taking the Säben Abbey route towards the town of Chiusa (520 m, hiking time 1 h)
Total hiking time: approx. 2,5 – total altitude difference: 136 m – hiking distance: 6.2 km – difficulty level: easy (for seasoned hikers)

Val di Funes /Zannes-Villnössertal/Zans
  • Circular Hike to the Foot of the Majestic Odle Mountains
Starting at the Zannes hut parking lot (at 1,680 m) in the Funes Valley follow the old hay trail no. 6 direction Ciancenon/Tschantschenon, Adolf Munkel trail. After reaching the Tschantschenon bridge follow trail no. 35 to the right on to the Adolf Munkel trail. Continue beneath the majestic Odle mountain range to where the trail branches off to trail no. 35B, toward the Geisler Alpine hut (at 1,996 m). On the return, take trail no. 36 from the Dusler Alpine hut to return to the point of departure (approx. 2 h of hike).
Total hiking time: approx. 3,5 h – total altitude difference: 320 m – hiking distance: 9 km – difficulty level: easy (suitable for families)

Nature Adventure Trail
Also Suitable for the Disabled
Experiencing nature up close: there is a new 3 km long nature trail from the Funes Valley to Zannes/Zans. This is ideal for families with children, the elderly as well as those with disabilities and in wheelchairs. There are 14 stopping points equipped with tables and placards describing the origins, features, facts and figures concerning the Puez-Odle Nature Park.
This trail is highly suited to families with children, the elderly, people with disabilities and people in wheelchairs.

  • Chiusa Alpine Hut, to the Highest Sanctuary in Europe and the Lazfons Kreuz Cross
By car from Lazfons (passing Chiusa/Klausen and Velturno/Feldthurns) up to the Kühhof parking lot (at 1,560 m). Following trail no. 1 we arrive at the working Chiusa Alpine hut (at 1,919 m) – after 1.5 hours then continuing along trail no. 1 across the stream and up the rocky slope to the church and to the Latzfonser Kreuz shelter (at 2,311 m), open in summer. After a 1 hour hike from the Chiusa hut the return route is back the same way 2 h hiking time from the hut to the Kassianspitze peak (at 2,581 m, 1 h).
Total hiking time: approx. 4-5 h – total altitude difference: 750 m – hiking distance: 12 km – difficulty level: easy (for seasoned hikers)

  • The Falls of Barbiano – Briol – Trechiese/Dreikirchen
Start from the Barbiano town center (take the road to Chiusa/Klausen or to Ponte Gardena/Waidbruck), following the directions to Wasserfallweg from Haus Urban house until the end of the tarred road, bearing left continue as far as the bend in the road  until you come to the lower Barbiano waterfalls after which you can continue to the upper waterfall. Fromt there following the Trechiese/Dreikirchen sign via Kasserol on tril no.34 to Stanghe/Stangen and then, following trail no. 27, to Briol (1,307 m). For the descent following trail no. 4 to Trechiese (1,120 m) and the trail no. 6 to Feistegg. The continue oon tril no. 3, passing the Wieserhof farm before heading back to Barbiano.
Total hiking time: approx. 4 h – total altitude difference: 560 m – hiking distance: 8.6 km – difficulty level: difficult

Through the Burkhardklamm Gorge to the Aglsboden Alpine Pasture
By car from Naz-Schiaves to Vipiteno/Sterzing before reaching Masseria in the Ridanna Valley. From the Mining Museum in Masseria, follow trail no. 9 and then trail no. 8 following the directions to the Burkhardklamm gorge. Proceed along a fascinating wooden walkway until reaching a platform offering not only a scenic view of the mountains of the Ridanna Valley, but also a glimpse into this mysterious gorge. Continue along trail no. 9 until the end of the trail to the Aglsboden Alpine pasture (with a hut). The descent is back the same way as the ascent. Alternatively, you may also continue to the Grohmannhütte, the Teplitzerhütte shelters and then to the Becherhaus shelter.
Total hiking time: about 2,75 h – total altitude difference: 300 m – hiking distance: 6.8 km – difficulty level: easy

  • The Gilfenklamm Gorge an the Entrance of the Racines Valley
The impressive Gilfenklamm, lying at the entrance to the Racines Valley, is a true wonder of nature. Water cascades down a gorge of white marble walls before flowing out into the valley. Open from early May to end October – with entrance charge.
Total hiking time: approx 1 h – total altitude difference: 175 m – difficulty level: easy

  • Tiefenrastsee Lake
By car from Naz-Sciaves via Viandoies/Vintl to Terento in the Pusteria Valley until you reach the parking lot (at 1,425 m) in the Winnebach valley. Follow trail no. 23 uphill to the Astnerbergalm pasture (at 1,630 m), continuing on the trail no. 23 to the Tiefenrasthütte hut (shepherds’ hut), then steeply up to the Tiefrastensee lake (2,312 m) next to the shelter (2,5 hours from the parking lot). The descent is back the same way as the ascent.
Hiking destinations from the hut: Hochgrubenspitze mountain (2,809 m), approx. 1,5 h; Kempspitze peak (2,704 m), approx.  1h; Eidechsspitze peak (2,738 m), approx. 2h.
Total hiking time: approx. 4m5 h – total altitude difference: 887 m – hiking distance: 10 km – difficulty level: medium

Gardena Valley/Sella Pass
  • Around the Sassolungo/Langkofel
Starting out from the Gardena Valley to the Sella Pass. Arriving at the Sellajochhaus (at 2,681 m), continue past the Langkofelscharte gorge (2,685 m) following trail no. 525 over a stony, rocky stretch until you reach the Langkofelhütte shelter (at 2,253 m). Bear right and continue until arriving at a crossroad then turn right downhill towards trail no. 526 beneath the cliffs of the Sassolungo. The route heads northwards along a flat section before going uphill to the Ciaulongsattel ridge (at 2,123 m) and the Emilio-Comici shelter (at 2,155 m). Trails skirt the rock wall on the east face of the Sassolungo, continuing south, across the "Stone City" to return to the Sellajochhaus.
Total hiking time: approx. 4 h – total altitude difference: 660 m – hiking distance: 10 km – difficulty level: medium
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