Active in Nature Park (NaturAktivPark) – Health and Wellness through Movement

The Naz-Sciaves/Natz-Schabs High Apple Plateau is the perfect place for fitness and relaxation

Spread across five picturesque localities Naz/Natz, Rasa/Raas, Sciaves/Schabs, Fiumes/Viums and Aicha/Aica, the Naz-Sciaves apple paradise is situated on a sunny plateau between the Isarco and Rienza rivers, at an altitude of between 750 and 930 meters above sea level.

Its varied landscape, altitude and pure air make the plateau an ideal place for jogging and running. There are 14 different training courses, spread across almost 80 km of well-maintained trails, suitable for Nordic Walking, catering to different needs and difficulty levels. With tracks leading across fruit orchards, over green meadows and through pine forests, the Naz-Sciaves High Apple Plateau is unquestionably a Nordic Walking paradise.

Outdoor running can be done all year round. There are stops along the way for relaxation and training, facilitating active movement for all ages and contributing to one’s physical and mental wellbeing.
Here you will find advice on the best Nordic Walking routes in german language
In Naz-Sciaves you also find a diverse training course for working out on the High Apple Plateau.

Floral Training Course
Route: after a short stretch through the center of Naz, take the road towards Fiumes along a fairly flat gradient and then southwest, passing the Mesnerbühel until arriving at Rasa. Continuing to the nearby Raiermoos biotope, then cross the Mooswald until you arrive at the road leading to Elvas. Following the road after a while, you reach the steepest part of the trail en route to Elvas. From there go up a little further to the water basin, before continuing on flat ground until you arrive at your destination: the seat of the associations in Naz.
Ground-conditions: motorway, tarred road through the forest
Altitude differential: 250 m
Track length: 12.9 km
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