Pulsatilla comunePulsatilla comune
Raiermoss NaturtrailRaiermoss Naturtrail
Observation point biotope RaiermoosObservation point biotope Raiermoos
Water lily in the biotope ZussisWater lily in the biotope Zussis
Biotope Laugen in the winterBiotope Laugen in the Winter
Take a walk at FiumesTake a walk at Fiumes

Microcosmos Biotopes

The biotopes in Natz-Schabs are like little pearls, which sparkle in the sunshine. Once discovered you can’t get enough of the variety of animals around them.

Picturesque villages, apple trees and forests all that you can find in Natz-Schabs, on more than 16 square kilometer. Natz-Schabs is a perfect place for nature lovers, not only because of the biotopes Raiermoos in Raas, Sommersürs and Zussis in Viums and Laugen in Natz, but also because of the tarn “Hairer” in Viums. The eye catcher is without a doubt the old trunk, which towers from the ground of the biotope. In the 2nd and 3rd century BC was the first settlement of people in the biotope area, today it’s the habitat of a variety of animals.
Feel the nature
A silent guest enjoys all the features of the biotopes, especially the Raiermoos. While you are walking through the path you can read information about the biotope on signposts.
There is a large hedgerow around the biotope. On one side it is like a protection wall for the sensitive to damage biotope, on the other side it is the habitat for a lot of animals, a save place for the bird’s nests and enough to eat: hazel bushes, raspberry bushes and a lot more.
Over there, where the life fizzes
Through the passage of water and land, you can see a special type of grassland. On the humid ground grow special plants like the bogbean, the bird’s-eye primrose or the cotton grass, but also uncountable orchids with their colorful springs. In addition to that, you can find a variety of reed warblers, which use the water reed to build their essential of survival nests. Insects, like the dragonfly use the reed to find nourishment. Despite that, there is also a non-poisonous colubrid between the grasses of the biotope of Raiermoos. Underflow, frogs, salamander and amphibians use the root zone to build nests. It’s like a natural treatment plant, those there living microorganisms and bacteria take on the one hand excessive nutrients, on the other hand they enrich the water with oxygen.
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