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South Tyrol is the apple-orchard of Europe

During the springtime blossoming of the apple trees in the orchards, the Naz-Sciaves/Natz-Schabs High Apple Plateau is cloaked in shades of white and pink, with a sweet fragrance of nectar filling the air.

Every year from mid to late April, there are millions of apple flowers in bloom all across the region. Apple cultivation has a long tradition in South Tyrol and its experienced farmers grow apples of the highest quality. It is interesting to note that every tenth apple in Europe originates in South Tyrol, with the Naz-Sciaves High Apple Plateau contributing a sizable portion. Its mild Mediterranean climate has approximately 2,000 hours of sunshine a year and an annual average rainfall of 800 mm. With the cold nights alternating with warm days it provides ideal fruit-growing conditions. In the orchards of Naz-Sciaves there are over 900,000 fruit trees with an average yield equivalent to about 1,500 fruit wagons weighing 10 tonnes each.

The fruit is grown up to an altitude of about 930 m and constitutes the main agricultural activity in the area. The trees come into bloom between mid to late April and the apple-picking season begins in late August continuing until mid or late October.

Golden Delicious, Jonagold followed by the Stark Delicious are the most intensively cultivated apple varieties making up over 80% of the total. The rest is divided between the Pinova, Kanzi and Gala.
In order to ensure a good harvest, there is continual work throughout the year.
The apple trees are pruned in winter.
When the apple trees come into bloom in spring, the necessary measures must be taken to protect the delicate flowers from excessively rigid temperatures due to the variable weather conditions.
Excess fruit must be handpicked in summer, so that the remainder can grow optimally. The farmer prepares in advance for the autumn picking season, checking all his equipment and carrying the empty boxes into the fields.

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