Naz/Natz, the Holiday Village in the Isarco Valley

In the heart of the high plateau, at 889 metres a.s.l., is where you’ll find Naz, a village of 690 inhabitants.

Naz is surrounded by apple orchards that blossom in the spring with countless white-and-pink flowers; in the fall, they yield lovely, juicy apples.

Parish Church of St. Philip and James
Naz is the original seat of the ancient Naz parish from the Carolingian period. The parish church was built in 1208 in the late Gothic style, commissioned by the Prince-Archbishop Konrad and consecrated in honor of St. Philip and St. Walburga. The names of the present church patrons imply that at one point a conversion and renewed consecration took place. The tower was built from 1,400 granite blocks. The wooden sculptures that decorate the neo-Gothic main altar date back to 1470 and were influenced by the famous artist Michael Pacher.

Bust of Jakob Auer
In 1983, a fountain was built in honor of the founder of the soil improvement consortium on the High Appke Plateau of Naz, Mr. Jakob Auer Flötscher. The fountain in the center of Naz displays his bust in bronze. Auer was a pioneer of environmentalism, as he was the driving force in the construction of a natural pressure water system, which has provided the high plateau with fresh water ever since.
The Sommersürs Biotope
Once you are here, take a hike through the Sommersürs biotope, also called Samesirs, located in a basin between the villages of Naz and Fiumes/Viums. The small habitat of little more than 2 hectares is a biotope of diverse fauna and flora. It is an invaluable refuge for numerous aquatic insects and birds, along with amphibians and reptiles. Cattail, sedge, and marsh clover populate the shallow lake shore.

Natural Pressure Water System
A display board in the Rienza gorge provides information on the 11-km long natural pressure water system of Luson/Lüsen, which was constructed on the high plateau in the 1950s. Thanks to this pioneering work, life on the high plateau was changed fundamentally. From a poor arid region, it turned into a thriving landscape and a bustling tourist destination.
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