The Locality of Rasa/Raas

Rasa is located in the southern part of the Naz-Sciaves High Apple Plateau, at an altitude of 820 meters a.s.l., with about 560 inhabitants.

The village is surrounded by orchards and is adjacent to the Bressanone/Brixen valley basin and to the vineyards of Novacella/Neustift, renowned for growing great vine varietals such as Müller Thurgau and Sylvaner. Rasa is the hometown of the grandmother of Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI.
St. Ägidius Succursal Church
The succursale church of St. Ägidius in Rasa is a late-Gothic building, and was completed by the constructor Thomas Maurer in 1532. However, an earlier church was already consecrated in 1173. The neo-Gothic interior mostly dates from around 1880. On the high altar, one can see St. Ägidius, the patron of the church and the protector of viticulture. In Rasa, the now rare custom of the bread donation and bread distribution is still practised on the day of the church patron in September.
Hunter’s Memorial
The hunter’s monument was erected in 1968 on the Mesnerbühel by the hunters of Naz/Natz. The column, which was carved out of an old chestnut tree trunk, shows a hunter with crossbow, a dog, and a stag with a cross between its antlers. The inscription reads: "It is the hunter’s honour to protect and tend the game."

The Raiermoos Biotope
Take a walk on the nature trail around the Raiermoos biotope, where you can hear the songs of rare bird types and spot a variety of wildlife. The Raiermoos habitat was originally a large lake that was formed about 12,000 years ago on clayey moraines. Here, primeval populations settled on stilt houses.
Today, the Raiermoos is a biotope and habitat for endangered flora and fauna. Reeds, cattails, rushes, and marsh trefoil surround the lake. It offers a sanctuary to frogs, newts, salamanders, and snakes. Many migratory birds such as herons and storks find here a safe and peaceful place to stay.
Birds like shrikes, wren, and nightingales breed in Raiermoos, as do warblers and titmice. Its grasslands, rich in flowers, are a paradise for crickets, grasshoppers, butterflies, and mantis.

Other nature habitats in the Naz-Sciaves holiday region include Sommersürs, Zussis, and Laugen.
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