The Locality of Sciaves/Schabs

Populated by 950 souls, Sciaves is situated at 775 m above sea level

Sciaves is located where the Isarco and Pusteria Valleys meet. The town hall has its seat here.

The name, Sciaves, is probably of prehistoric origin. The word "Scauvis" comes up for the first time in the records dating between 1085 and 1097. After that, the name is transformed into many different variations, until in 1777 it became "Schäbs", changed today to "Schabs" or Sciaves in Italian.
The parish Church of St. Margaret
Although consecrated in 1281, St. Margaret, the late Gothic parish church in Sciaves was only completed in 1454. By the end of the eighteenth century its interior had been reconstructed in Baroque style with its portal framed in stone. It is worth noting that the 72 m bell-tower is unusually tall and narrow. The chapel is positioned on the north side of the church.
The Urlaubsstöckl chapel of pilgrimage
This chapel of pilgrimage is located on the southern slope of the Spinga mountain. Its simple construction dates back to 1641, and was built by Georg Stocker. There is a painting in the chapel, depicting the scene of Jesus bidding the Virgin Mary farewell, giving rise to the name Urlaubsstöckl ("Urlaub" meaning farewell in old German).
Chapel of the Sacred Heart
In commemoration of the 175th anniversary of the struggle for the liberation of Tyrol, the company of traditional marksmen from Sciaves (the so-called Schützen) built the Chapel of the Sacred Heart in 1984. The chapel is located northwest of Sciaves, on the way to Fiumes.
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