Alpen Flair Festival

Held from 22 – 25 June 2017 in Naz/Natz, South Tyrol, the Alpen Flair Festival is arguably the most renowned pop festival in the German-speaking region.

South Tyrol, land of a thousand mountains, is typically a place of rest and relaxation offering an unusually wide range of leisure activities and culinary delights.

Nevertheless, for a few days in June you may happen across some strident sounds coming out of the small locality of Naz, situated on the plateau above the town of Bressanone/Brixen. This is the time of the annual Alpen Flair Festival: a weekend of wild rock and pop music.

The Alpen Flair Festival is the premier pop festival in South Tyrol and its rich local cuisine somehow fits in amidst the raucous celebrations. But the Alpen Flair Festival is mostly about the music. And all kinds of it: from local folk bands to pop and rock music. The festival caters to just about everything that contributes to a party atmosphere.

Thrills and spills in the mountains! 
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